Make Life Spectacular

“A powerful play goes on – and you contribute a verse” – Robin Williams


One of the key aspects to creating success is inspiration and motivation.  They are all around us every day – in our homes, our work, our social media and yes – just media.


Think of your children, your grandchildren – do they not inspire and motivate you to keep going?


Your one true love – does this not motivate and inspire you to attain goals you thought were impossible? (heck true love for many is one of those goals!)


Every day I scroll on Facebook through dozens of inspirational videos, quotes and just plain fun that make the day easier – inspiring me to continue working, even when just chillin would be much more fun at times.  Thats what happened today.


As I scrolled through Facebook, I ran across a much played version of a tribute to Robin Williams – a motivator but more importantly a man who could inspire, teach us to laugh and teach us to feel emotions buried deep inside.  Here are a few inspirational moments in the below video worthy of taking note and remembering as you continue to reach your goals:


You’ll never be regular – you’re spectacular

“Death is not the enemy …” (the finish is “not living is“)

“Life is fleeting – if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky ….”

 “poetry, beauty, romance, LOVE – these are what we stay alive for”

“No matter what anyone tells you – words and ideas can change the world”


(Listen with your heart – then grab a tissue)

And my all time favorite inspiration “a powerful play goes on and you contribute a verse”


This kind of inspiration is inside of each of us – and we can pull it forward when given the tools and training to know how (for those that are not just natural at it anyway).  I would like to offer the opportunity to access powerful lessons and training to help you become “SPECTACULAR” and contribute “YOUR VERSE” in this powerful play of LIFE!


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I Really Don’t Like Snakes

Remember the song “I don’t like spiders and snakes”TRUST ME – I don’t care for either one!  I was reminded of that this weekend – go ahead and have a listen, then come on back!


Every word of that is true – quite an eventful weekend but one that goes in the Memory Book for sure.


While I am making memories, I am also staying focused on my vision to create the new lifestyle that I want.  There was day when I believed that vision was far into the future, but today I KNOW that with slow and steady daily FOCUS, I will attain everything I have envisioned and more.


EN’s Total Shortcut Elite provides me with EVERY TOOL I need to stay focused, not creating the need to belong to multiple programs to pursue that dream.  Of course, like everyone, I do have other things I work on – but the beauty of the Total Shortcut is that it only increased my knowledge, my abilities and my success!


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One Thing That Can Change Everything

Yesterday I awoke sluggish, semi-grumpy (or at least I thought so) and really had to push myself to get up and moving to get things done. That little voice urged me to do what I knew I needed to accomplish and by days end all was complete. How do you think business went for me yesterday?

I woke up this morning, full of life – full of energy, happy and ready to burst into song just because I felt so great! After my normal morning routine, I took the time to find a special video to share with the world just to be able to share my great day! Next step – progressing through the day – being careful to maintain that mood, how do you think business went for me?

Two very different days with two very different results. Do you know what the difference was? HINT: Grumpy only played a minute part in the day – I can’t stay grumpy for long!



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Action Step to Take:  Leave a comment as to your “AHA” moment in the lesson.

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I manage a hotel and had placed a job offer on a very popular site. I took the FREE option as it stated you would receive 40-50 applications in 30 days. Well in 4 days, I received over 500 applications! I opened and reviewed each application/resume and narrowed it down to about 75 of which a quick survey was sent and that narrowed it down to 22.

I opened an email this morning and had to re-read it several times before I could reply. It was one short line that said “I have all the experience you asked for, so why am I not a perfect fit?” The young woman didn’t even bother to sign her name.

Generation GIMME

I replied to this young woman – “you may have the experience and qualifications but did you really read what you wrote? Nothing in that resume jumped out and said PICK ME.” I think then I was a bit “miffed” by her sense of “Entitlement“, believing that because she applied she should be interviewed and get the job.

How many times have we joined a program based on the “PICK ME” factor? The shiny objects and tricks that are enticing to any marketer, especially those just starting new. And how many times did someone you invited into that same program come back and sayThis doesn’t work – I’ve sent out the LCP/Splash pages a few times and I’m not making any money and you said that I would! I did what you said and I SHOULD be earning!”

The PICK ME -I’M ENTITLED factor is a sure step to failure! It amazes me that anyone believes that doing the bare minimum is going to produce Grand Results and our lives will change forever!

Time to change our way of thinking to a new way of thinking – PICK ME – WWI-WIN (WITH WORK I WIN)!

With PICK ME – WWI-WIN, dreams can be built by following a few steps:

1. Choose a program wisely – check it out and be informed. (I chose ClubShop PLUS my own websites.) Know what/who is involved, if the company/owners have a reputation of creating “Winners” or if past history shows this is short lived.

2. Create a solid Marketing Plan that you can repeat day after day and then WORK IT every single day. Don’t stop there – continue to work with new ideas and execute them to create a variety of techniques.

3. Learn everything you can and even when you think you know it all – LEARN MORE! Expand your learning into all avenues and learn to recognize the differences in types of marketing, programs, etc.

4. Be creative and most of all BE YOU! YOU are the one with the dream and the desire to WWI-WIN!


Lastly, change your mindset. There is NO PROGRAM, or person that is going to hand you your dream and you are NOT ENTITLED to make large sums of money – but you can research, create and build YOUR dream!

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As Marketers and Entrepreneurs, we work tirelessly day after day – learning, teaching, sharing and communicating. Time to Market!   Oops, forgot that Coaching session! OMG! Not a penny made today, ugh! Wake up tomorrow, start all over!

There are days, sometimes a week or even a wee bit more that we go about doing all the things we do for our business, for our dreams, and see no tangible results. So what to do? Two Choices – Give up on your dream OR GO AFTER IT WITH GUSTO, everything you have and then just a little bit more.

Baseball is a passion of mine equal to my passion of reaching my dreams. Why? The game parallels everything we do building our dreams every single day. How many games have you watched where one player seems to be in a slump? Or maybe the whole team? Do they quit? NEVER!

Baseball players wake each and every day, go to practice and continue to work out. If the slump is a batting slump, they learn from coaches and other players how to adjust a stance, or a grip on the bat. Sometimes it is just about changing their mindset – from dwelling on the slump to  pushing forward with a positive attitude.

The point is they keep going – practice, practice and more practice, changing little things here and there until they have their personal groove. And then the MAGIC begins. All the hard work, all the right moves and ALL the right attitude pays off – HOME RUN!

Let the players and teams motivate you in this short video – relax, enjoy and have fun.

Welcome back and hope you enjoyed and let the spirit of all THE TEAMS motivate you.

Now take that spirit, let it fill you and let’s do something about that earning slump you’re in!

If you normally use Free marketing, why not try some paid advertising?
If you normally talk on Facebook, why not try Skype?
If you normally use affiliate pages to advertise, why not try creating your own?

The list goes on and on – it’s sometimes the smallest of changes that reap the largest rewards! Try it – one tweak for one week!


Never written a blog? Try it – as you can see it’s as simple as writing about your passion and who knows – it might be the missing piece you are seeking. $2 to get started!

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Did You Plan For Your Success?

When I made the decision to see if I could create a new life, new world for myself by creating an income from home, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Honestly it probably took two years to figure out half the abbreviated words that are used – actually thought I was reading “Greek” or “Latin” half the time.

I searched and could not find a single thing I could read and research to even figure out what I was supposed to do. I joined program after program, following the steps and when it reached the step that says “Promote, Promote, Promote” and it stops. How? Training STOPS THERE!

I knew it would take money, my hope was not a great deal of it though as my dream was to make it, not spend it! Paper, pen, computer, internet – check I have all that – so what else could I possibly need?

Watch this very short video to see what I missed –

Not really sure which is needed more – the sword or the Magic Lantern, lol!

Tools come from all places – those you will need online such as autoresponders, tools to advertise and market your product and many more.

But to become a Successful Leader it’s the TOOLS you bring with you that will help you reach your dream. Imagination, Creativity, Dedication and Commitment and a Positive Attitude will start the ball rolling in the direction of YOUR SUCCESS!

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As a Hotel General Manager by day and a home business entrepreneur by night, you would think leadership skills would be automatic and easy to cross one from another. After all, online should actually be easier – no one complaining, screaming at you and NO BED BUGS!

Check out my video to see how really different it is. Actually No Way – Not For Me!

Well we got through it – a better leader for today! That’s what it’s all about – forcing yourself to the next level! I tell my employees every day “I will not ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself” and the same applies to running any business. But for those little butterflies in the stomach – “NO WAY! NOT FOR ME!

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James Monroe

Last year while I was attending a convention for Wyndham Hotels, I had the special and rare privilege to listen to two of America’s Former Presidents. President Bill Clinton and President George Bush Jr.


Naturally I knew who the speakers were to be prior to arrival and to be quite honest the thought crossed my mind to skip the show – after all Politics is boring and what could two ex-presidents talk about that would pertain to how I run my hotel? I AM SO GLAD I WENT!

Lyndon B Johnson

After standing in line to go through Secret Service Security for nearly three and a half hours, and waiting once inside for another hour – the education and FUN these two presidents offered on LEADERSHIP was simply amazing! (And of course we heard how each one was support their candidate for this election year!)

John Quincy Adams

Creating a business at home requires Leadership, you are the owner (president) of your business and it takes strength, courage, motivation and inspiration to become a Great Leader. To become Successful, a Great Leader must be willing to not only teach, but to encourage their teams to reach inside themselves and find these same qualities to pass to their teams that you are helping them to create. Then and ONLY THEN, will you be able to say you have achieved Success and have taken great strides to become a Great Leader!

Barak Obama

Are you passionate about becoming a great leader – ready to share your inspiration and learn to lead a Successful Team? I invite you to join me on my journey to Leadership and Success!

Love the YOU You’re With!

Ahhhh YES! Love the YOU You’re With! If you don’t, nobody else will!

What an absolute Great Lady Lucille Ball was. I have watched her most of my life, and adored the actress/comedian she so successfully was – even at an age where “Love Yourself First” was beyond my comprehension.

Lucille Ball loved herself so much that what she gave to the world can never be measured. Joy, Laughter and Sharing her Love of Life is what she was all about – allowing the world to become a part of her family as she was becoming a part of our family.

So how do you Love Yourself? Start by getting to know yourself, the REAL you, not the persona that you want the world to see. Be prepared to learn that you really are a great person as well as finding things you are not so proud of. Thankfully YOU are the one person that you can change things and you can use ALL of you to create the person you will Love!


Getting to know your dreams, your abilities AND your shortcomings will allow yourself to utilize all of these things together and become a Leader in your own unique way.


In this fast growing world of making dreams come true on the internet, it is even more important that you Love Yourself and have the ability to express your uniqueness to the world. It is equally important that you take time to take care of you in all aspects – mentally, physically and spiritually!

Every good Leader has their own style, their own way to communicate, inspire, teach and lead their teams to obtain success that is individual to each member. Once you understand and Love YOU, it is easy to understand your members and convey the same message to them.

Key Points to Loving yourself:

1. Know yourself – all of yourself and learn to accept yourself as beautiful and unique
2. Believe in Yourself and Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice – if you can’t, no one else will
3. Concentrate on Positive Energy and Thoughts – Negative thoughts about yourself will only dampen your chances of success

4. Love what you do and do what you Love!

5. Celebrate the little successes EVERY time! This doesn’t have to be elaborate – I like chocolate ice cream with fudge sauce – so I celebrate that way. The key here is to walk away from the computer and take the time to enjoy a Success!

Please enjoy one of my favorite memories of “LUCY” with a performance that is unforgettable and as always – She Did It HER WAY AND STILL A LEADER EVEN TODAY!


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“Reap What You Sow” – IT’S A CHOICE!


We all understand the concept “Reap What You Sow“, but do you truly grasp the Power those four little words represent? Every choice or action we take, will come back to us in ways you can not perceive when you do it. Will it be tomorrow? Probably not, fate has a way of making us wait to see what we will “reap”, but it will happen when you least expect.

As a young girl I had this habit of falling down a lot and my mom was a wonderful teacher. She would simply laugh at me or ask me if I hurt the floor, stairs, etc. I learned that when I fell, or got hurt – Laugh and it doesn’t hurt any more! Years later, still with a constant habit of falling, I continued to Laugh – many times through tears which only created more laughter. My mother sowed those seeds and nourished them each and every time I was hurt, we laughed. What did I reap? A strong will that can overcome any pain with determination to go on!

Some seeds or choices are not quite so simple –

There is no “Right” or no “Wrong”. They are simply choices that we face regularly. Path “A” will lead you in one direction and Path “B” in another place and many times these paths will cross leading to more choices.

When building a business, sowing seeds is a regular opportunity to show potential partners/affiliates/members who we are individually and why they should choose to work with you. Planting positive, strong seeds will lead you to your next step in success!

To reap the seeds of success, choose to plant your character seeds in the front row with your honesty, leadership, and integrity. Sprinkle the seeds of friendship and caring throughout your garden and watch them grow. Now Reap the Harvest of Success!



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